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The Cost And Benefit Of Making Video

It never ceases to amaze me just how powerful video on the Web is becoming. Whether it is silly parodies of GTA Vice City or even goofball mini-flicks like The Repair Guy, the sheer interest that I have seen in this media has …continue reading

100 Pictures A Day

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! Today, (lost the name, sorry) writes:

I take about 100 pictures a day for my wife’s job. I download the pictures (usually 500-600k per picture) onto my laptop (P4 2.8, OS-xp home, Wireless G network [linksys]).

After examining the photos …continue reading

Transmeta Shifts To Licensing Model

There is really no question about it. More often that not, licensing can be more effective than trying to all out sell something. But is this really the best way for Transmeta Corp. to go? I am just not completely convinced, to be perfectly honest.

64-Bit Windows XP Released To Manufacturing

Finally, for all of those that have a need for a 64 bit operating system…you have been heard. Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing their 64 bit OS’ here in April. Then again on the eve of April 1st, could this be a …continue reading

Hitachi readies LCD panel breakthrough

LCDs are cool, no question there. But are they fast enough with their response times? Apparently this is something that Hitachi was concerned about. According to The Inquirer, they will be using active matrix LCD technology to tackle this head on.

Interview with AMD’s Fred Weber – The Future of AMD Microprocessors

Boy, having the opportunity to sit down with Scott Wasson of AMD must have been a real thrill. During the interview, they talked a lot about the future of AMD and the processors that they are producing. Great read, definitely check it out, folks!

Don't Lose Your Business To Dell!

Oh, no, the unthinkable is about to happen and you feel powerless to do a single thing about it. You just received word that a repair client is about to buy a Dell/Compaq/HP computer! This is terrible! I mean, come on, now. You offered to …continue reading

Mozilla Bug Bounty Raises Questions

This bug bounty program is a great idea. Yes, it could be exploited I suppose. However, the likelihood of this money being paid to the folks that exploit them is just not something that I foresee happening.

GimpShop Linux port by

A hack for Gimp to give it that Photoshop feel? Why not? I am someone who happens to feel more at home in Photoshop, but would rather do my work in Gimp. Perhaps this hack is the answer we need!

The four-1-1 on Linspire Five-0

I have tried Linspire a number of times. I think for some people, it is fine. But I just cannot get over the fact that they attempt to get you into a root account by default. This is beyond stupid , folks, it just is. …continue reading