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The Cost And Benefit Of Making Video

It never ceases to amaze me just how powerful video on the Web is becoming. Whether it is silly parodies of GTA Vice City or even goofball mini-flicks like The Repair Guy, the sheer interest that I have seen in this media has …continue reading

100 Pictures A Day

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! Today, (lost the name, sorry) writes:

I take about 100 pictures a day for my wife’s job. I download the pictures (usually 500-600k per picture) onto my laptop (P4 2.8, OS-xp home, Wireless G network [linksys]).

After examining the photos …continue reading

Transmeta Shifts To Licensing Model

There is really no question about it. More often that not, licensing can be more effective than trying to all out sell something. But is this really the best way for Transmeta Corp. to go? I am just not completely convinced, to be perfectly honest.

64-Bit Windows XP Released To Manufacturing

Finally, for all of those that have a need for a 64 bit operating system…you have been heard. Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing their 64 bit OS’ here in April. Then again on the eve of April 1st, could this be a …continue reading

Hitachi readies LCD panel breakthrough

LCDs are cool, no question there. But are they fast enough with their response times? Apparently this is something that Hitachi was concerned about. According to The Inquirer, they will be using active matrix LCD technology to tackle this head on.

Interview with AMD’s Fred Weber – The Future of AMD Microprocessors

Boy, having the opportunity to sit down with Scott Wasson of AMD must have been a real thrill. During the interview, they talked a lot about the future of AMD and the processors that they are producing. Great read, definitely check it out, folks!

Don't Lose Your Business To Dell!

Oh, no, the unthinkable is about to happen and you feel powerless to do a single thing about it. You just received word that a repair client is about to buy a Dell/Compaq/HP computer! This is terrible! I mean, come on, now. You offered to …continue reading

Mozilla Bug Bounty Raises Questions

This bug bounty program is a great idea. Yes, it could be exploited I suppose. However, the likelihood of this money being paid to the folks that exploit them is just not something that I foresee happening.

GimpShop Linux port by

A hack for Gimp to give it that Photoshop feel? Why not? I am someone who happens to feel more at home in Photoshop, but would rather do my work in Gimp. Perhaps this hack is the answer we need!

The four-1-1 on Linspire Five-0

I have tried Linspire a number of times. I think for some people, it is fine. But I just cannot get over the fact that they attempt to get you into a root account by default. This is beyond stupid , folks, it just is. …continue reading

Sometimes, Ugly Methods Are The Most Attractive

The last puzzle given involved the probability of getting a flush in poker: you want a flush (five cards of a single suit). The parameters to consider here are the value of the card and its suit. Normally these are considered independent variables. Consider the …continue reading

Installing Software: A GNU/Linux VS. MS Windows Comparison

One of the big issues that I have with ‘make and make install’ is that you almost always get some mystery error that really tells you nothing. However, with Debian distributions this has been made a lot easier with apt-get. While it may not be …continue reading

Amazon picks up an intelligent Penguin

What’s this? Is Amazon getting into bed with the Penguin? It is beginning to look that way from here. With them being dependent on Linux to offer them reporting and analytics, I am going to say that I could see this as the beginning of …continue reading

Designing Web content for mobile browsers

Let’s be realistic here. Designing content for a mobile phone takes careful planning. If you are totally lost and are looking to get yourself grounded in this area, take a look at this article that IBM has thrown together.

TypeRecorder v2.0.1

Record EVERYTHING you type; never lose work again and keep a record of everything that happens on your computer.

An effective backup tool, TypeRecorder is a must for users who do a lot of typing. TypeRecorder automatically saves all work to a daily log …continue reading

Brando LED Micro Torch

Cool, but do I really need it? After reading this review, I am thinking it could be pretty handy. Small, not in the way, the Brando LED Micro Torch might just be the light that have been missing in all of our lives!

CWShredder Version v2.14 Released

Released: March 2005

CWShredder v2.14 is the latest defense against the new Cool Web Search variants, and it is included in SpySubtract PRO. Download a free trial and receive the best spyware protection available today.

All That Chords!

Learning an instrument can seem to be an impossible feat. While the first few weeks and months will be very difficult, a little perseverance will get you through the rough times, and your relentless practice will begin to audibly pay off. A consistent number of …continue reading

Google Fight

Do you ever fantasize about who would win in a fight between two people? Neither do I. There are some unanswered questions that people have, and the only way to figure out who truly wins is to set them up against each other. It doesn’t …continue reading

Locate Directions For An Outlook Contact (Outlook 2002)

This is a feature of Outlook that I really appreciate. If you have your contact information, including addresses stored within Outlook, you can easily get driving directions from the MapPoint Web site.

Once Outlook is open, click on your Contacts folder. Double click the contact …continue reading

Hide The Security Tab When Simple File Sharing Is Disabled (XP Pro)

If you disable simple file sharing, you can use the Security tab from a folder or files properties dialog box to set permissions. However, setting permissions does require some knowledge as to how they are applied and used. You may want to keep simple file …continue reading

Google Outlines Plan To Spend to Expand

Even with the other search engine giants expanding themselves, Google is really beginning to see some serious growth. As the Washington Post so clearly points out, Google’s careful hiring practices are going to be a bit difficult as the search engine works to spread its …continue reading

What Can Fix Baseball’s Mess

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey is urging Major League Baseball to adopt Olympic standards for drug testing and punishment. ‘You cannot have the chickens guarding the coop. Baseball always has and still does,’ McCaffrey said Monday. ‘Baseball and all professional …continue reading

Spring Break Tiki Day Trip

It’s spring break week here at rancho indebto. While a fancy vacation wasn’t in the works, it’s been a break from the usual routine, all the same. More than anything else, this has been a week spent away from working on the computers. Okay, so …continue reading

How do you cancel an AOL account?

Just for fun, I recently signed up for an AOL account through one of those ubiquitous free CDROMS, and now that I’ve poked around a bit, I’ve decided to shut it down. It’s time to return to the real Internet. But I’m a bit stymied. …continue reading

What Does AWG Mean?

AWG stands for American Wire Gauge, and it is a standard used for denoting wire conductor diameter. The system is counter-intuitive, so the lower the AWG, the thicker the conductor.

Actually the system is even more counter-intuitive than that. Once you get to wires thicker …continue reading

Interview with Dave of Dave’s iPAQ

What’s better than two mobile technology addicts talking about Windows Mobile devices? Simple: THREE mobile tech addicts talking about Windows Mobile devices!

Lockergnome contributors James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel get the chance to interview Dave Ciccone, the founder of the long running and …continue reading

Get on The Freeway

In the past, when you thought about WYSIWYG Website Design programs for the Mac, you thought about Macromedia’s Dreamweaver, or Adobe’s GoLive. These programs are behemoths and will cost you dearly ($399 MSRP). Softpress has a player of their own now with Freeway …continue reading

Unique-to-Me Info Updates

Since we’re talking about practical “everyday” RSS uses, here’s another breakthrough, this time from Bloglines

Starting today, people can track the shipping progress of package deliveries from some of the world’s largest parcel shipping companies-FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service-within …continue reading

RSS For Job Search

Practical RSS applications are certainly growing, fulfilling the promise of RSS becoming a tool to make our lives easier. Indeed is another of those, providing their visitors with job seeking results from hundreds of sites.