Archives for January 2005

New Wireless Chips Reduce Power Consumption in Mobile Devices

This could be just the ticket for those who really ‘go through the batteries’ with their mobile devices. The biggest power hog I can think of has got to be notebook PCs. If technology can help out in this area, then I say more …continue reading

AMD Athlon 64 vs. Sempron Comparison

It was bound to happen eventually. Someone out there was eventually going to come up with a review that looked at the real differences between the AMD Athlon 64 and the Sempron processors. One thing that was said in this review that I felt …continue reading

asetek VapoChill eXtreme Edition II

As I look over the pictures of the asetek VapoChill eXtreme Edition II, I must say that the style does little for me. Having said this, the brand is one of quality and you have to love the rating that they received from Xtreme …continue reading

XFX GeForce 6600 GT 128MB Dual-DVI Edition

Boy, it seems like there is a GeForce powered card coming out just about every week these days! Having said this, I realize that in this game it takes an ever-adapting mindset to keep up with the competition. This XFX GeForce 6600 GT 128MB …continue reading

Intel 3.46GHz EE CPU : Intro/Testbed

All and all this extreme version of the Pentium 4 had pretty good marks for this review. Performance was about what they expected, but there was the feeling that the cache could have been more than what it was. Why is this always seem …continue reading

Control Printers In Linux From The Command Line

Everyone knows that Linux makes a great Web server. Some network administrators even use it in conjunction with Samba to create file servers that Windows workstations can access as easily as Windows NT/2000 file servers. However, if you want to use your Linux server as …continue reading

RFID-Equipped Robots Used as Guide Dogs

Has Fido gone wireless? It certainly appears that way at first glance, doesn’t it? It reality, this article is discussing the latest in ‘ RFID-Equipped Robots’ that would be used by guide dogs. I must say, it undoubtly seems like a great idea on …continue reading

Mobile Games Are A Big Opportunity In India

As the mobile phone revolution continues to sweep through India, the demand for mobile gaming is most certainly going to continue to grow as well. According to The Feature, there are currently games available in India for mobile users. But for now at least, …continue reading

Are You Listening To Me?

Never really thought of picking up a phone as a social ‘contract’ of sorts, but I have to say that this article at The Feature certainly makes me think it could be. It turns out that researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center are …continue reading

Many Ways To Arrive At A Simple Answer

A couple of weeks ago, I appended to one of the Monty Hall paradox articles a classic teaser that seems as though it cannot be solved. In fact, the very simplicity of the puzzle is the secret of its lasting charm. This teaser puzzle is …continue reading