Archives for November 2004

This is Barking Awesome

How are my dogs feeling right now? Here, let me find out… ah, they’re in a playful mood. I can’t read minds – but I can read LCD screens. There’s a new product on the market called the Bow-lingual. Gag gift? Yes and no. …continue reading

Gmail Still Has Some Growing To Do!

I’ve been enjoying my Gmail account for some time now. All in all, the good people at Google have made some really great strides with pushing the Web mail envelope. Address importing, inviting your friends, use of filters versus folders; the list of goodies just …continue reading

FastCache Tales Of Woe

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! – The IT industry’s answer to the help column, only slightly more medicated. Today, Hal writes:

A month or so back, Chris suggested people give FastCache a try. For some time now, it has worked really well. But when I …continue reading

Build Your Own Arcade Kit

Now here is a truly innovative idea! Create your own arcade kit, where do I sign up? Actually, I am a bit suspicious as to how difficult this truly is. According to the description, you can ‘effortlessly’ create your own arcade system right there in …continue reading

Halo 2 Excel Workbook

It’s no secret: I suck at Halo. I suck twice as much at Halo 2. Thank goodness our friend Sean Alexander found the Halo 2 Excel Workbook:

For the Halo 2 fan who REALLY needs to prove what a bad-ass he/she is not …continue reading

Knight Beast Damsel 1.5.3

Knights and Damsels galore! This Knight Beast Damsel game looks like it might just be a fun way to kill off an afternoon on a lazy summer day. Described as a bit of a brain teaser, I would have to say that the description …continue reading

The Linux Show is dying

The Linux Show — an original Internet radio offering — is shutting down. It’s been part of the Linux and Internet scene for seven years, but it has run into financial difficulties and lack of sponsors make it impossible to continue.

If You Have a Computer Connected to the Internet, You Must Read This Book!

Anyone who is even remotely interested in the spam issue, how spammers work, why spammers spam, and, perhaps most important, how the rest of us are contributing to the problem, and what we can do about it should run, not walk, to their closest bookstore …continue reading

Paper Mario: The thousand- year door

Nothing says ‘Nintendo’ like taking on the Mario persona and saving the Princess from the evils of the Mario world. In the latest incarnation of the Mario series, Paper Mario, you are a two dimensional characters.

According to the article at Seattle PI, the …continue reading

OEM prices for 16x DVD burners rapidly decreasing, more price cuts to come

It was bound to happen. It is about that time of year that we see hardware prices start coming down a bit. It would appear that DVD burners are no exception to this rule either.

According to, Taiwanese manufacturers are beginning the price …continue reading