Smarter Internet

If you happen to be in Cannes this week, drop in on the ITXpo, sponsored by the Gartner Dataquest research group. Gartner’s Alexander Linden is speaking on long-term trends in technology leading to the “smart Internet.” Innovations such as Web-enabled mobile devices which grew out …continue reading

Trick or Treat?

Intel sticks with Windows 2000

YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE to receive for zero a business enterprise newsletter from Intel which gives you guidance on how to make your business thrum and also to prevent it stop thrumming. We know we are regular recipients of this email …continue reading

LinkedIn case studies and the importance of being findable

Maybe I’ve missed this before, but my friend Bill Vick was just featured and called my attention to these LinkedIn case studies. The examples include several areas, including hiring employees, finding a job, making deals, and finding experts.

The Difference Between GNU/Linux Distributions

What is GNU/Linux? What is the difference between RPM and Debian based distros? How do community based distros differ from commercial ones? What exactly is source code and how do you install packages using it? These are all interesting questions and I am sure some …continue reading

The Blogs’ Long Tail

This excellent report from Morgan Stanley‘s analysts Mary Meeker, Brian Pitz and Brian Fitzgerald is an absolute must-read for anyone involved with building or maintaining a profitable and forward-looking online publishing business.

The three research analysts at MS have done an absolutely excellent job …continue reading

Rarer Than a Pink Elephant or a Dancing Rhino?

For once, this is an item not directly tied to a tech news story, exactly. Instead, it’s an effort to take our news coverage to a new level. As such, it is kind of personal, as you’ll see.

Our normal method of gathering the latest …continue reading

Prototype Personal NewsReader: Project DU Reader

Project DU Reader, is a good, free RSS newsreader and it offers me an ideal opportunity to analyze in a little more depth:

a) where developers should look in building the next generation of these tools

b) what are the routes to …continue reading

Voters Admit Their Vote Can Be Influenced by Spam

According to voters polled in a recent survey by Mail Frontier, 21% of those surveyed admitted that if they got an anti-Bush or anti-Kerry spam, it would influence their vote in Tuesday’s presidential election.

KANOTIX – Putting the Pizzazz on Debian

Debian based distros sure have been gaining in popularity. Debian has always been a good choice as it boasts an impressive range of packages, and with the increasing focus on useability so clearly evident, Debian based distros are now a viable alternative for the Linux …continue reading

Slap Yo Face Off – Home of the Cocks

I just completed Slap Yo Face Off‘s “October Surprise”. That’s right folks, November’s Slaps are up tonight. Consider yourself loved because I did it just for you.

Home of the Cocks you ask? Well, Slap Yo Face Off invades Columbia, South Carolina …continue reading

Hoary Hedgehog – Ubuntu’s Next Release

Where do they come up with these names? On the heels of what has to be considered a very successful release, the mailing lists of Ubuntu are already abuzz with news of the next version. The codename of the next release is actually “Hoary Hedgehog” …continue reading

What your choice of Linux distribution says about you

Apparently your choice of distro says a lot about you. My main distro is Mandrake my profile is as follows: “Mandrake users are suave and sophisticated. They prefer to focus on a polished desktop environment rather than just serving others. It’s also said that they …continue reading

Watch Your Step!

A letter from my virtual buddy Steve Bass (of PC World ‘Home Office’ newsletter fame) clued me in to this new low in business ethics. I’m posting it here in case it helps one of you to avoid the trap.

As I mentioned to him, …continue reading

Securing Your Linux Box

The recent Red Hat email scam highlighted one thing, with the growth in the popularity of Linux these type of threats may become part of everyday life. As this article correctly points out the increasing threats in Linux has more to do with the …continue reading

RSS Burn, Baby Burn

Atom or RSS? To satisfy this niggling doubt is FeedBurner that offers up both. A reader ready page is produced with an easy-peasy interface and compatibility lives. It comes with extras too. Ever been curious as to who’s been reading you? Want to make a …continue reading

Free Download of Farenhheit 9/11

Please note that posting this entry does in no way reflect the political opinions of Lockergnome, but rather letting its readers know about the movie.

You can download Michael Moore’s infamous Farenheit 9/11 free and it’s legal. However, the catch is the download will not …continue reading

The Ultimate Linux Desktop?

What would you consider the ultimate Linux desktop? I know you have your opinions on that I certainly have mine. But in general I think this statement describes a typical users’ perspective “they don’t want to become a computer expert to do their work. They …continue reading

GTA: San Andreas Two Player Mode

Two player mode for GTA: San Andreas? Man, where do I sign up? Oh ya, I don’t own a PS2. :o( Well anyway, Game Guru reports that you can actually play with a buddy once you learn how and where this can take place.

…continue reading

Stubbs the Zombie

Now this makes my Halloween! It looks as if Halo’s creator is going to be working on a new game that centers around zombies! Now here is the kicker, you get to play the zombie, rather than playing some tired FPS where you mindlessly …continue reading

How Do I Keep My Computer Safe On The Internet?

Viruses & Spyware & Worms, oh, my!

Lately it seems like not a day goes by we don’t hear about some new kind of threat aimed at wreaking havoc across machines connected to the Internet. While products other than Microsoft’s are certainly vulnerable, due to …continue reading

Orange Fun has been released!

It’s orange, it’s fun, it’s another Tetris clone! Actually, it has a personality all its own. After reading the lengthy press release, it looks like the real difference might be more interpreted than anything.

One thing I liked from reading the description was the …continue reading


Blowing stuff up not your bag? Then you might have what it takes to try out this logic game called Brickliner. This game is definitely designed for the logical person, and you will be working your brain overtime trying to keep up on this …continue reading

110 Halo 2 In-Game Screenshots

Halo 2 is almost here folks! That’s right, keep your hats on as we look at some recently released screen shots that were featured on The screen shots that really got my attention were those of the multiplayer game.

The multiplayer aspect is …continue reading

Consider The Pros And Cons Of IPv6

Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Service Pack 1, and Windows XP Service Pack 2 natively include Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), but it’s not a default installation. But, while other Windows IPv6 versions are available via third-party add-ons, there is no implementation schedule for a …continue reading

How about some coffee with that Wi-Fi?

There is nothing quite as irritating as getting someplace with a Wi-Fi hot spot only to discover that the hot spot is not really so hot. I don’t know about where you live, but most place that I have visited here in my own town …continue reading

Emsa Port Blocker v1.0.15

Emsa Port Blocker allows you to block TCP requests from/to your computer. The program should not be mistaken with a firewall, as it does not actually prevent access to ports, but merely terminates the connection if it matches a specified rule. The program can …continue reading

Avoiding the trap: Proper estimation of storage needs

Over the years many of my clients have come to me with an annoying problem: the need to constantly buy ever-increasing amounts of storage. Every time they built a system based on previous growth numbers it turned out disastrously wrong. Storage systems have a nasty …continue reading

World’s first mouse for both PDAs and Computers!

Now this is a mouse with a full time job! The Stowaway® Travel Mouse is said to work both with your PDA and with your PC as well. Since the mouse is a Bluetooth mouse, it will basically work as an input device for …continue reading

TechRepublic Tutorial: A closer look at Serial ATA

This article is from TechProGuild, TechRepublicÂ’s premium online brand dedicated to providing network administrators and support professionals with proven, real-world solutions to today’s toughest IT problems. TechProGuild members have access to this and other solutions-oriented original technical content, as well as over 250 …continue reading

Certification Success – Implicit Groups

On the road to acquiring an MCSA or MCSE, you will undoubtedly come across an exam questions that refers to implicit groups. So let’s try and make some sense out of this concept.

Implicit groups are transient in nature. By this, I mean that …continue reading