Archives for August 2004

When Your Sync Gets Sunk…

Over the weekend I found myself coming to the conclusion that using a standard POP account was becoming a real pain. Since I retrieve my e-mail on my cell, laptop, and my main desktop PC, I had to have my settings poised to delete my …continue reading

Caller ID: Do you really know who’s calling?

When a number appears on your Caller ID, you take it at face value, right? Well you might wish to rethink this policy after reading this article. Apparently it works much like an anonymizer for your telephone. I think this is pretty scary. Imagine, …continue reading

Startup fits 12-node Linux cluster on desktop board

Imagine, a 12-node Linux cluster to a single large motherboard. Though this may seem like something that would be many years off, one start-up company figured that this highly condensed idea might just pay off. If it proves to be successful, this could be …continue reading

IBM, LG winding down joint venture

I guess it is true what they say, all good things must come to an end. This proves true for the IBM / LG Electronics partnership based in South Korea. While the specifics are not being confirmed, it is possible that it has something …continue reading

Loving the Linspire Desktop

LinuxPlanet really seems to have a thing with Linspire. Granted, I have not tried it myself. However, I have found myself wondering if Linspire is really all that the they claim it is. Now let me be clear. I am talking about from a …continue reading

Broadband and Digital TV Will Drive Global Consumer Services

As broadband Internet continues on its course to becoming the “norm”, there is little doubt that companies are looking for methods to drive home a profit. I think that within the next two years, we will see services like Vonage and Skype triple in …continue reading

Controversy heats up over electronic voting machines

According to Ars Technica, about a third of the US will be using computer based voting machines come voting season. One third, people! I guess our best bet is to hope that the people that figure out a way to hack into these machines …continue reading

Best free popup blocker?

So what is the best pop-up blocker of them all? Well the guy in this post from ExtremeTech seems to be asking that same question. Personally, I believe the answer is bordering on obvious with all the press both of these options have received. …continue reading

Guinness recognises jet record

Forget supersonic jets of the past, NASA’s X-43A hypersonic aircraft has already made short work of the old Guinness Book of Records’ fastest jet in the world. The new record will make its appearance in the 2006 Guinness World Records book.

Burapha Linux 5.4

A Linux distro based on Slackware, Burapha Linux is a project from a computer science department in Burapha University, Thailand. This has to be the truest proof of hands on Linux experience that I have ever seen. From what I have read about, it …continue reading