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Acclaim In Trouble

Acclaim, developer of the upcoming title 100 Bullets, is in some serious financial trouble. According to Computer And Video, the developer has until August 18 to get its stuff together. The problem occurred when the publisher’s share prices dropped well below …continue reading

Help: I Got Hacked. Now What Do I Do? Part II

If you missed part 1 of this series, I strongly suggest that you read it here. “On This Page: There Is More to Information Security Than Viruses Salvaging Data in the Absence of Backups Recovering After an Attack What Tools …continue reading

Light Blogging

Blogging will be very light this week here on this for the next week or so due to time constraints.

I’m out in California (Central Coast area) until next Saturday. If anyone is in the area and wants to grab a beer or something …continue reading

Pursuing Growth, Microsoft Steps Up Patent Chase

Uh – oh… “Microsoft said on Thursday that it planned to increase its storehouse of intellectual property by filing 50 percent more patent applications over the next year than in the previous 12 months. Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, increasingly regards the …continue reading

Creative Commons Music Sharing License

“The owner of this music retains his or her copyright but allows you to: download, copy, file-share, trade, distribute, and publicly perform (e.g. webcast) it under the following conditions: Noncommercial. You may not sell copies of this music or make any other commercial use …continue reading

GRAMPS And The Family Tree

I suppose you could go ask gramps to tell you all about the family tree, but if you’d rather do the research on your own, GRAMPS can still help you out. “GRAMPS is an acronym for Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System. It …continue reading

All Systems ‘Go’ for MESSENGER Launch to Mercury

“MESSENGER — the first mission to Mercury in more than 30 years and the second voyage ever to the planet closest to the Sun — is being readied for its pre-dawn launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 2:16 a.m. Monday, August 1 …continue reading

Is Real’s ‘hacking’ of iPod legal?

“Code-crackers risk fines and prison time when they defeat copy-protection technology, but such draconian rules likely don’t apply in the case of RealNetworks and its iPod ‘hack,’ legal experts said.”

Real shoots back at Apple, reaffirms commitment to Harmony

“Apple Computer Inc. issued a statement on Thursday accusing RealNetworks of hacker-like tactics for its Harmony technology that will allow content from Real’s music store to be played on Apple’s iPod. Several hours later RealNetworks shot back saying they have done nothing wrong and reaffirmed …continue reading

Linux Laptop Lovers

According to LinuxFormat Magazine, the release of Intel’s Centrino 802.11b/g drivers is apparently imminent. “Flushed with the success of the the first “pre-beta” code, Intel is planning to port the full spectrum of WiFi drivers (a/b/g) to Linux inder a yet-to-be-decided Open Source …continue reading